Union Club, a Co-working and Event Space

On June 8 we met with Community Manager Lynda Lopez (and Bailey Farrer) at Union Club, a historic building in downtown Tacoma, to discuss this new, charming, and unique space.

Supportive Space to Foster Relationships and Creativity

This community space is collaborative, supportive, inclusive and creative. The mixed-use facility, ideal for to the growing creative and entrepreneurial communities in Tacoma, combines studio space, co-working space for artists and entrepreneurs, office space, galleries and an event hall in 15,000 square feet. Walking through the building and within each room are unique vignettes with the charm of its historical era.

Union Club’s mission is to “support and promote the local art and technology sectors, creating a gathering place for creatives and entrepreneurs by providing a supportive community where members can do what they love and love where they do it.”

A Piece of History

The black and white photos along the wall in this video feature some prominent visitors, including Mrs. Eleanor Roosevelt. The 27th President, William Taft, is known to have visited when the building was a gentlemen’s club, which is not the kind of gentlemen’s club of today. The new owners have been working to restore much of the interior to its original glory.

Contact Information

​(253) 304-8415
539 Broadway Tacoma, WA 98402



Community Managers: (left to right) Bailey Farrer and Lynda Lopez

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