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Union Club, Part 2

Coffee Bar

On June 8 we met with Community Manager Lynda Lopez (and Bailey Farrer) at Union Club, a historic building in downtown Tacoma, to discuss this new, charming, and unique space.

On July 21 CAT held its first event in the space, and it was a huge success.

​(253) 304-8415
539 Broadway Tacoma, WA 98402

Welcome to the Union Club


Community Managers: (left to right) Bailey Farrer and Lynda Lopez

Bad Design Kills

Not everyone understands what design is or the many different types of design. From directional signs at a conference to the road signs in cities, we rely on and trust that signs will help direct us where we need to go, even in this age of GPS. Even a GPS can’t eliminate confusion or getting lost.

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