How To Create Your Momentum Mindset

How To Create Your Momentum Mindset

The Momentum Mindset

Momentum. You want it. I want it. Your favorite team wants it. It’s easier to win when you’re winning. It’s easier to grow your business when it’s growing.  Success inspires success. From the outside, it looks easy, but developing momentum requires preparation, persistence and a momentum mindset.

How do you develop a momentum mindset?


Momentum requires staying focused on your outcome. The more activities you direct toward your goal, the more likely it is you’ll get there. The fewer detours you take, the more quickly you’ll arrive. Nevertheless, the destination isn’t always clear, and the next step isn’t always obvious. We live in a busy world where it’s easy to get sidetracked and become distracted.

The Clear Vision

The first step to a momentum mindset is a clear vision, which can be rather elusive, since it can shift as you move toward it. How clear is your 2017 vision? As you move forward, is it becoming clearer? Are you beginning to experience parts of your vision? Are your steps forward creating more certainty? It is a dynamic process that often includes detours.

The Northwest offers many hiking trails which gain altitude. They act as a powerful metaphor for the twists and turns that arise as we move toward our vision. Imagine your 2017 vision as a hike to the top of a steep trail with a beautiful panoramic view. You would love the picture of that view hanging on your wall. You imagine what it would be like to stand on top with the wind in your hair taking your own photograph of that view. The only problem is you’ve never been on the trail. In fact, you’re rather new to hiking. Until you’re on the trail and feel the stability of your boots beneath your feet, the response of your muscles, the depth of your breath and use your navigational skills, it only lives in your imagination. Once you’re on the trail, you learn things about hiking and about yourself you simply could not know from looking at the picture.


The second step to prepare. You buy the gear and build your endurance. The desire to stand on the summit draws you, and the day comes when you load your gear in the car and drive to the trailhead. You set out with gusto, only to realize that much of your trip involves leaning into the hill and taking the next step up. Your primary view is your boots, dirt, trees and a few features on either side of the trail. Your experience is nothing like the photo from the summit that hangs on your wall. You dig deep for the type of discipline required to take another step when you’re tired and all you see is dirt.


Discipline is the third step to your momentum mindset. You take the next step and the next. As you come around a bend, you’re greeted with an opening in the trees and a vista that takes your breath away. As you savor the moment, you realize, “Though you’re not standing on top, this is what it looks like on the way.” The tiredness in your body vaporizes as does the memory of all of those steps looking at your boots and the dirt. You smile, delighted with where you are in the moment, and you get a second wind – both physically and mentally. Only a couple hundred yards back, you wondered if it was really worth it. Now you’re eager to press forward.

Your momentum mindset just kicked in.

Take these steps to build your momentum mindset and soon you will be reaching your goals and vision in both your personal and professional life.

This article was first published in Gig Harbor Living Local. 

Deborah Olive

As a transformational expert and speaker, Deborah works with entrepreneurs, business owners and professionals seeking excellence and balance in their personal and professional lives. Learn more about Deborah Olive at Deborah Olive Coaching.

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    • Deborah Olive
      Deborah Olive says:

      Rhonda, deciding on your goals puts you in the top 13% of Americans. Writing your list puts you in the top 3%. When you add a picture that elicits an emotional connection to your goals, you increase your likelihood of achieving it by 8X.

  1. Shannon Smith
    Shannon Smith says:

    I enjoyed your article and your website. Glad to see you are doing so well and are helping so many others to transform their lives!

    • Deborah Olive
      Deborah Olive says:

      Shannon and George, thanks for your kind words. I’m constantly inspired by people’s desire to make a difference – their creativity, passion and tenacity. With a clear vision, the right structures of support and a skilled mentor or coach, there’s no limit to what people can achieve.

  2. Chelsia
    Chelsia says:

    I’m in a coffee shop with other workers. I don’t think I’ve achieved much today, but over-hearing Creative Alliance of Tacoma, led me to your site. I’ll be at the next meeting. I’m now encouraged to put together a vision board after reading your blog post


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