Minuteman Press’s Keith Besherse Talks About Binding Options

Binding is often taken for granted and not given enough consideration, even from professional book publishers. (We’ll get into that in an upcoming interview.) Saddle stitching isn’t appropriate for a 200 page book. Likewise, perfect binding isn’t ideal for a 4 page book. There are other options too, like comb, wire, spiral, and channel binding. Which one is ideal for your project? Keith will let you know. Which option mentioned does he NOT discuss?

Visit Minuteman Press at 2102 East Main Ave # 111 in Puyallup, or Call (253) 841-3161 (Monday-Friday 8:30 AM – 5:00).


Minuteman Press is a national franchise but locally owned. The Puyallup location is run by Keith Besherse, who strives to keep work local, which we love! There are some benefits to choosing a franchise like this one, and Keith will be sharing that in an upcoming interview too.

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