3 Questions To Answer Before Deciding On A Logo Design

Just about anything you need can be found online. Even logos. When do you need to hire a designer and when can you purchase a logo design online? Here are three questions to ask yourself when deciding which route to go:

What is the purpose of the logo?

If you are using the logo for a personal project like a small, local campaign, a wedding or a family reunion (e.g., a memorial t-shirt), then a logo bought online could suffice.

If you are promoting a business, an organization or a lasting association, you’ll want to hire a professional graphic designer who will be able to bring your unique vision into focus and create a recognizable and iconic logo.

How long will you use the logo?

If the purpose of the logo would be more about a memory of an event than a long-term, branding campaign, then a logo bought online works very nicely for creating a memory of a specific event. Many times logos bought online follow a trend in design and sometimes that’s exactly what you want.

However, a business logo needs to be durable and have longevity. Hopefully, your business will be running for years to come. Your customers will need to be able to connect your logo to your business for a long time. And you’ll be living with that logo too. Take your time and do it right the first time and you won’t regret it.

Who is your intended audience?

If you are sending your communications to family and friends, you may be able to use a logo bought on line.

But, if you are marketing a business, you’ll want to present a professional appearance. A professional designer will have the expertise to help you market to either local, national or international customers. A designer will also help set color palettes for consistent branding so your materials and communications have a cohesiveness to help promote your branding.

In Conclusion

Sites that offer inexpensive and immediate results are plentiful and sometimes they are well-suited for small projects. When it comes to business branding and marketing, a professional designer is going to provide the most benefit in terms of brand recognition, durable design, consistent branding look and feel, and so much more.

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Article adapted from the Hanks Design Blog

tamara hanks

I am a self-taught graphic designer with experience in public relations, print shops, corporate settings and, most recently, as a business owner. I enjoy helping businesses communicate their unique value to potential and current clients through well-designed branding and marketing pieces.

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