Following trends is okay if you are on the leading edge. As soon as the masses jump on board, you need to bail.
January 25, 2019/by
Old cash register
Lessons learned from an old bank for modern business on the value…
January 26, 2018/by
Pilot Flight Plan: Q1, FUEL
5-Week Supercharged Virtual Co-Working and Accountability | Every Monday from Jan. 29−Feb. 26, 9:15 a.m. for 30 minutes
Q1 FUEL: Motivation, Organization, Planning, Accountability
January 17, 2018/by
Armstrong Home Care and Respite Services logo redesign by Tamara, Hanks Design
This logo design submission comes from Tacoma designer, Tamara…
December 11, 2017/by
Logo Redesign Challenge Submission From Rhonda Negard, Fat Dog Creatives
By Rhonda Negard

Rhonda Negard has been a graphic design er…
December 6, 2017/by
Creative Alliance of Tacoma Logo challenge
Want to play along? Participate in this logo design challenge…
December 1, 2017/by
Blog Ideas for Puget Sound Businesses: Networking and Elicitation
Staring at the Blank Canvas. What to Write.
Many small business…
October 17, 2017/by Todd Brogowski
J and P letter form examples for Simplicity and Perception
Ben Burns, Digital Director at Blind, said in a recent podcast,…
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Negotiation Stress?

September 19 @ 5:30 pm - 7:30 pm
- Free

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CAT Chat
Coffee Bar
On June 8 we met with Community Manager Lynda…
August 17, 2017/by
CAT Chat
Binding is often taken for granted and not given enough consideration,…
August 2, 2017/by
Transitions: Ideas to Reality Recap
Transitions: Ideas to Reality Recap
It was an inspiring, tasty…
July 30, 2017/by Gatlin Johnson
Transitions: Ideas to Reality Recap
July 12, 2017/by
CAT Chat
The Union Club's community space is ideal for the creative and entrepreneurial communities in Tacoma. The studio space, co-working space for artists and entrepreneurs, office space, galleries and an event hall fit within a 15,000 square foot historical building in downtown.
June 8, 2017/by
3 Practices For Your Creative Breakthrough
May 22, 2017/by Deborah Olive
An interactive presentation and activity for businesses and creatives in the Tacoma area.
May 7, 2017/by
TGIF Destroys Lives
April 25, 2017/by
The Power of Print Marketing In A Digital World
April 19, 2017/by
April 7, 2017/by
How To Create Your Momentum Mindset
Focus, clear vision, preparation, and discipline build your momentum mindset to achieve your goals in your professional and personal life.
April 5, 2017/by Deborah Olive
Not everyone understands what design is or the many different types of design. From directional signs at a conference to the road signs in cities, we rely on and trust that signs will help direct us where we need to go, even in this age of GPS. Even a GPS can't eliminate confusion or getting lost.
February 28, 2017/by
Getting Into the Right Mindset (Gatlin Johnson), Brand Consistency (Doug Hudak), Do You Have Business Being on the Web? (Jared Eddy), Keep It Local: Cool CAT (Rhonda), Meet your fellow CATs!
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The Creative Alliance of Tacoma's goal is to encourage and help grow independent creative businesses. Protect yourselves from losing work to one another in the collaboration.
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