Unite for Growth, Community, Collaboration

Mission Statement

Connecting the creative and business communities through collaboration and education.


The Creative Alliance builds communities by bringing artists and businesses together. We’re growing the design and business communities by providing top notch creative support to area businesses and holding education programs for all.

We strongly believe in creating together and sharing creative insight. We promote the Tacoma metro area as a center for creative production. The Alliance educates and supports all who wish to share their gifts and talents in the community.

As professional and independent designers (graphic, publication/page layout, web), marketers, programmers, and writers, we see the need and benefits of offering more services without expanding our own business services and still do the work in which we excel. We also see the need for more education for designers, businesses, and the community.

Founding Members

Rhonda Negard

Fat Dog Creatives

Alpha dog, designer, photographer, consultant, and trainer

Rhonda Negard is a graphic designer, photographer, and dog lover. She works as a communications and graphic design professional with extensive experience in associations, insurance, financial services, and construction industries. Rhonda earned her a BA in communications from Sam Houston State University and her MA in communications from The University of the Incarnate Word.

Design samples

Doug Hudak

BAM Design Co.

Designer, artist, clown

As a child you would sit him at the kitchen table with a container of Play-Doh and not hear from him for hours. In school you would find him washing all the desks in the classroom since he also couldn’t resist drawing on them.

Now, Doug has more than 25 years of graphic design experience and still has boundless passion and imagination. Everything he creates is a direct reflection of his work so it has to be the best it can possibly be. Give him a chance to unleash his inner child on your project and you won’t be disappointed when it comes to show and tell time.

Design samples

Jared Eddy

Sites Realized

Coder, reluctant but excellent designer

Jared Eddy started Sites Realized in 2013 while working in his first job out of college as a web designer. He and his wife Stephanie had talked about starting their own business but it always seemed, like most dreams, just out of reach. In 2015 they took the leap of faith that God would provide and decided to chase the dream of entrepreneurship. As a husband wife combo they know success isn’t achieved alone. Lots of wonderful people helped them get started. They have realized through helping others achieve their entrepreneurial dreams, they are able to achieve their own.

Gatlin Johnson

Gator Knows All the Words

Writer, speaker, gator whisperer

Gatlin Johnson focuses on small business marketing and technology copywriting. His passion for creating copy that tells a story and shares the benefits of his subject ensures the words he writes keeps target audiences engaged while reading.